Jul 202010

Back in April, I went on a field trip to the University of Tennessee Trial Gardens with my close-up/macro photography class. I came out of that trip with several shots that I’m really happy with. One of the shots that ended up being among my favorites was almost discarded as a disappointment until I fiddled with the white balance. Below is the shot as it came out of the camera.

I was pleased with the composition and the flower in general, but the background was bland, at best. I don’t remember now what prompted me to do, but I decided to try the other white balance settings. The shot was made in daylight mode and shade and cloudy made small and unremarkable (IMHO) changes. When I changed it to fluorescent however, I immediately fell in love. Eighty-five percent (okay, that’s a guess) of the impact between the image above and the image below was just changing the white balance. Sure, I played with vibrance and clarity and a little sharpening and so on, but the bulk of the impact was made just on the white balance change.

This picture has convinced me to make checking out other white balance options part of my workflow for just about every image. Sure, there are some images where white needs to be white, but anytime I have the option, I check it out. You never know what you might come up with.