Jul 172010

Here’s a second post today to make up for the fact I didn’t write one yesterday. This one is photography related. Today I attended an all day workshop on lighting put on by the University of Tennessee Professional & Personal Development department. It was taught by Patrick Murphy-Racey and he provided a ton of information and literally brought a truck load of equipment for us to look at and see in action. He certainly knows his stuff and he got me to thinking about what type of lighting modifiers I should consider buying when I’m ready to start learning portrait photography. (Technically, I am ready but I want to practice on my family first and they always have an excuse.)

In other UT-related news, they have released their fall schedule. While I was very disappointed in the tiny number of courses offered over the summer (none of which I took save today’s one day workshop), they made up for it in the fall semester. There are at least 6 different classes that I would like to take and there will be another one day workshop in November that looks really interesting. Unfortunately, I can’t possibly afford to take all of them nor would I have the time.

The candidate classes are:

  • Lighting Essentials (likely more of what today was about but that would be okay)
  • Portrait Photography (would help me learn how to pose people among other things)
  • Intro to Photojournalism (story telling with photography)
  • Night Photography (I’ve seen some amazing stuff taken at night but only had limited success myself)
  • Intro to Fashion & Glamour Photography (that sounds like a lot of fun)
  • Intermediate Photoshop (Can never have too much Photoshop-Fu)

There are even other courses they are offering that I would like to take eventually. Those are just my top choices. Even if I could find the time to take all of those courses, it would cost me over $1300 so that’s just totally out of the question. I’ll have to limit myself to 2 classes and maybe the workshop in November. I’ll have to make a decision quickly because I don’t want the classes to fill up. I’ll probably spend some time tomorrow looking at a calendar and seeing what fits best my schedule.