Hello! My name is Alan Reynolds. I am a computer programmer living in Berlin, MD with my wife and two daughters. I am also an amateur photographer. Photography is more than just a hobby for me. It’s my way of exercising and expressing my creative side which is important for me because my job is highly technical. While it can be difficult and a bit frustrating at times to switch from the technical mindset I spend most of my workdays in to the creative mindset I need for photography, I feel I need to bring this balance into my life.

As this is a creative outlet for me, I’m not preoccupied with building a portfolio to break into the professional photography business. I feel more drawn to photography as art. I would love to know that some of my images resonated with others enough that they wanted a print to hang in their homes. Some of the images here on my website are already setup to be sold through a service called Fotomoto. If you happen to see one that I don’t have setup that way, please contact me and I’ll be happy to get that taken care of.


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