Jul 262010

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to talk about a couple of the shots I took on the Worldwide Photowalk that just didn’t quite do it for me when I got them into Lightroom. Hopefully, going through the exercise of analyzing these photos for why they didn’t work will help me the next time I’m out shooting.

Here’s the first one.

This is a shot of The Tomato Head restaurant in Market Square. Every time I’ve come here to eat, it’s been packed. It’s a very popular place and the food is excellent! Anyway, when I was standing out on the square early on Saturday morning, I was struck by the fact that it was one of the few times I’d ever seen the place when it wasn’t full of people. I also thought it interesting that even when it was closed, there were still bikes parked there. I presumed they belonged to employees that were already inside cooking up stuff to serve later in the day. I put a polarizer on my lens to cut the reflections on the windows and setup my tripod so I could get the entire restaurant in frame with a moderately wide angle. I shot two or three HDR sequences so I could capture the inside of the restaurant as well as the outside. Technically I’m reasonably satisfied with this frame (though I probably would have played with the crop a little if it was a keeper), but the picture doesn’t really communicate what prompted me to take out my camera. Still, this could be a good spot to come back too in the early evening when there are people sitting at the tables. I would probably raise my vantage point, though, so I could shoot over any parked bikes.

It wouldn’t be much of a farmers market if there wasn’t produce being sold. I’m standing at the end of a rather long table full of different varieties of tomatoes. The signs caught my eye as well as the contrast between the yellow bins and the red tomatoes. I took different shots at slightly different angles and alternated focusing on either the closest sign or the ‘Ultra Sweet’ sign on the right side of the frame. Unfortunately, in all of the shots, I found the background too distracting; especially the words on the banner which in most cases are just out of focus enough to be unreadable but in focus enough to make you want to try to read them. I’m also thinking that I should have probably been higher up and pointing the camera back down to see more of the tomatoes in the bins.


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  1. I tend to agree with you on the tomato picture but I really like the first one.

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