Dec 012012

I spent some time walking around Salisbury and Ocean City today. This first shot comes from the Ocean City Boardwalk. The gate to the rides area is at the end of this passageway down the middle of a concession building so it’s very dark. You could see the rides all gleaming and colorful in the early afternoon sun through the fence. This was originally going to be an HDR shot, but it was just so dark in that passageway that I couldn’t see detail in the fence no matter what I did. Instead, I pulled out my flash unit to light up my side of the fence. In retrospect, I wish I’d have shot at a slightly smaller f-stop to get just a little more detail in the Ferris wheel. I wanted it somewhat out of focus to draw attention to the lock, but I think I might have gotten it just a little too soft.

The bulk of the post processing was handled by Topaz Detail 2. While I liked what I got with it overall, it created some halos and bleached out skies in the smaller spaces of the fence links. I put the original in Photoshop as a second layer, masked it out, then brushed it back in where ever there was sky. It was a little tedious, but I think it was worth the effort.


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