Oct 272012

Here’s a couple more shots from our overnight stay in Ocean City. We stayed on the 12th floor of The Grand hotel. This first shot is looking directly down from our balcony at a seagull on the roof of the retail shops below. I liked how the sun, still very low on the horizon, was casting really long shadows from the railing at the edge of the roof all the way through the frame as well as how big the bird’s shadow is.

This next image is a panorama of our view of Ocean City from the 12th floor. Now, the appeal of The Grand is the ocean view rooms but since the building is curved I actually had view of the southern portion of the city as well. I would have loved to have had a more interesting sky, but that’s how it goes. Anyway, here’s a link to a large version of the photo below so you can zoom in and see some of the detail. If you do look at the large version, towards the back of the scene, just below the horizon line, you can make out the northern end of Assateague Island across the inlet from Ocean City. I hope Hurricane Sandy doesn’t tear up too much on Assateague because I want to try to get down there again before it gets too cold and shoot the ponies.


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