Oct 262012

Lisa and I spent last night at a hotel on the boardwalk in Ocean City. She had today off and we felt like getting away and taking advantage of the off-season rates. I had hoped to get some sunrise shots, but there were no clouds (that situation won’t last much longer) so the sky wasn’t really interesting. Instead, I decided to take some pictures of the seagulls.

When I first started shooting, there were just a few birds hanging out on the roof of the retail shops directly below my balcony. I’ll post a shot or two from that set tomorrow (weather, power, and internet connectivity permitting). Someone a couple of floors directly below me started throwing out bread crumbs and the birds went WILD! Then more of them came. There was a frenzy of bird activity. I exercised my shutter in high speed mode for quite some time alternating between wider angle group shots (none of which I liked) and zooming in on individual birds. Most of those were misses for various reasons as well, but I do like the shot below and there are one or two others I might work up as well. Granted, it’s not the ideal background, but that’s where the bird was.

Nothing too dramatic with the post processing, but I have absolutely had it with my monitors. I just calibrated them TODAY and they don’t match. On one monitor, this image looks great (to me, of course), but on the other monitor it’s slightly washed out and dull. I have no idea which one is right. Once this storm passes and assuming I don’t have bigger problems to deal with, I’m getting new monitors.

EDIT: I just checked this out on my work laptop and it appears the washed out version was closer to correct. I may re-release this photo after some more processing.


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