May 102012

Here are the last two shots from last weekend’s photo shoot with Rachael. For this setup, we’ve moved over to the studio’s low-key area and Larry, the studio owner, has thrown an orange gel over the light illuminating the background.

In the final shot below, I’ve backed out a little bit so I can include the suitcase we gave her as a prop and the bench she was sitting on. There was actually a lot of post processing done on this shot because I wanted to bring out a lot of the detail in the suitcase and bench if for no other reason that I really like detail and texture in my shots. However, I wanted to make sure the lighting on Rachael stayed soft and flattering.

All in all, I had a really fun time in the studio. I’m hoping to be able to rent the space on my own sometime soon and have a little more creative control and try some edgier lighting techniques. I’m going to build a shot list of photos that I can refer to for inspiration and a starting point.


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