Jan 052012

Between work, cold weather, and the new XBox 360, I haven’t been shooting much lately. However, I did have a little time yesterday afternoon. I happened to have some time to kill while driving down Clinton Highway when I decided to see what photographic opportunities this old building would present. The photos below were some of the first I shot. The building and foreground are an HDR sequence and the sky is from the middle exposure. I processed the color one first then converted to black and white in Lightroom. I kind of like the black and white one better but the artist in the family (Katy) prefers the color.

This angle was really intended to just be a warm-up shot. I started working my way around the left side of the building working on closer shots of just parts of the building, but after a few minutes of shooting, I wasn’t warming up. I was getting COLD! I packed up and retreated to the warmth of car.

I’d appreciate any comments or constructive criticism and I’d particularly like to know if you prefer the color or B&W version.


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