Nov 112011

Hey! How did eight days go by without me posting a photo? It seems like it was just a couple of days ago. Well, to make up for it, I’m going to post 3. I actually shot these a few days back but just now got around to processing them.

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I saw this tree from the road the day before as I was coming home from taking Katy to school. That was the same morning I went and shot at the railroad crossing that I mentioned in the last post. Fortunately, the day I shot this was another beautiful, still morning and there were actually some interesting clouds in the sky. I had to walk to the back of a very large field to get close to this tree. I started out with a wider shot, but when reviewing them in Lightroom, I felt that the wide shots minimized the impact of the tree too much. This is actually an HDR image though it probably could have been done in one shot if the middle exposure had been about a half stop brighter. I used several of Topaz’s products both to reduce noise in the sky and to make the tree pop. I also brightened the tree a little because I remember thinking it was almost glowing with the morning sun hitting it at such a low angle and the file coming out of Photomatix was a little flat.

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After shooting various compositions of the whole tree, I moved in to do some macro work on the dew covered leaves. The one on top is Katy’s favorite and the one below is my favorite. Neither of us can really say why we picked the one we did. It’s an art thing, I guess.

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  1. I LOVE FALL LEAVES!!! THE COLOR IS GREAT! I think I like the first picture best. I think it is the composition. Who knows!? 🙂

    Aunt Virginia

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