Jun 062011

Some weeds are apparently rather photogenic. I found the flower below on the side of the road near an underpass in the Old City section of Knoxville a few weeks back. I had dropped Lisa and Mary off at Barley’s for an end of year celebration for the 4th year vet school students and decided to wander around with my camera. For various reasons, I never really spent much time looking at the shots I got that day and only came back to that folder when looking for photos to show on the last night of my creative photography class (which was earlier tonight).

This shot was literally the last of MANY shots I took. I had to take a lot because I was experimenting with my ring flash and because it was actually somewhat windy that evening so I was trying to shoot a moving target between gusts of wind. I didn’t really have to do much post processing on this one. I punched up the contrast and clarity. I raised the black level a little and added some sharpening and I believe that’s it.


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  1. That is really awesome! Isn’t nature wonderful!

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