May 232011

Although you wouldn’t know it from the lack of posts, I have been taking photos. Not as often as I’d like and I haven’t liked a lot of what I’ve shot, but I have been doing some. I’ve also been spending some of my free time learning more about using Photoshop so that’s impacted my photographic output as well. However, I do finally have some new things to post.

The shot above is of the pipe organ at the University of Tennessee. Although I’ve been told on many occasions, I’ve once again forgotten the name of the building. However, this was the building that Lisa’s vet school graduation ceremony was held in. (My wife is a doctor now. I can retire, right?) This is a handheld HDR shot processed with Photoshop CS5’s Merge To HDR Pro. I didn’t NOT like any of the presets that Photomatix came up with even as a starting point but Photoshop gave me a nice photorealistic look that I didn’t have to tweak much to get it the way I liked. Besides HDR processing, I did some other tweaking here and there and then did quite a bit of perspective correction since I was shooting up at the organ. I think it’s kind of neat how the lighting in the building kind of provided a natural vignette around the center of the organ.

I was going to post a couple of pictures from last Saturday’s class field trip, but I think I’ll save those for tomorrow.


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  1. That is great Alan! I am really at a loss for words! I love the lighting and as you say the vignette around the picture.

  2. Would you consider quoting me a fee for the privilege of using this lovely photo for my Facebook cover? I’m an organist, and I love the way you have captured the beauty of this instrument, set off so nicely by the little quirk of the suspenders. 🙂

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