Apr 222011

The first assignment for my creative photography class is to take a creative shot of a man made sign. I had an opportunity to go out last Tuesday evening and shoot around Volunteer Landing while I was waiting for Lisa. This picture below is one of the first I took. On my way home, I thought that was going to be THE shot, but I’m not 100% thrilled with it. I’ll explain why below the photo.

First, let me say what I like about this image. The number one thing I like about it is that it’s not a typical sign. I was trying to think outside the box about what most people think of when they think of “man made sign.” I also like the dramatic low angle and the fact you can see the reflection of the old Baptist Hospital in the top part of the seal. (Incidentally, I guess you’d call that a seal. Is there a more appropriate term for that?) Anyway, I also love the texture and color of the concrete. I always try to amplify the texture any chance I get.

Here’s what I don’t like about it. First, the river bank below the hospital is just BLEH! For me, it borderlines on eye sore. Second, there’s something that I can’t quite figure out that I don’t like about how the hospital itself is lit. I tried working with it quite a bit and it’s better in this final version, but there’s still something I don’t like about it. Third, the green bridge on the left side of the frame bothers me a little. Fourth, and this is a bit nit-picky, but while the hospital and the top of the seal are pretty much dead center in the frame, the nearest point is shifted a little camera left. I was literally laying on my side trying to frame this shot and apparently I was just a touch too far to the right but didn’t see it at the time. I’m just far off center enough for it to bug me every time I look at it. In the end, the things I didn’t like about the image outweighed what I liked so I’m not submitting it for next Monday’s class.

My next post will be of the photo from this trip that is the current top choice. If I get out any tomorrow, I’ll take my camera and see if I can come up with something better.


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