Mar 282011

Tonight’s model in my portrait class was Amanda. During the course of the evening, I found out she’s engaged and she’s a journalism major. Our first setup was out in the lobby to use the incoming light from the huge windows. Unfortunately, I had to push my ISO up to 800 and even with Nikon’s VR system turned on, I was pushing the limits of hand held shooting. I may work up one or two of those images later in the week, but I wanted to start with the studio images we did in the second half of the class. I actually ended up with 7 picks out of the set so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Amanda this week.

This was actually one of the last shots I took. There was a large softbox overhead and our teacher is holding my gold reflector just out of frame below her. I think my gold reflector was doing a little better job of filling in the shadows then the plain silver one he was using. Besides my standard portrait plug-in, I manually brightened the area just below her eyes using a duplicate layer in screen mode and a blurred filter mask to blend the brighter area in with the rest of the image. The layer opacity was around 40% if memory serves me correctly. I also did some clean up of a few strands of hair, but there weren’t that many so it was no big deal.


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