Sep 262010

Woo Hoo! Two days in a row! Go me!

I had to pick up Lisa from school one day last week and I had some time to kill so I took my camera into the UT Gardens to see if I could find anything to shoot. It had been raining about 30 minutes before so everything had raindrops. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my tripod with me so I couldn’t get any extreme close ups of the drops. Still I got some interesting shots. Here’s my favorite.

Post-processing this image got interesting in one way. The edges of the flowers were so close to being fully saturated that bumping up the saturation for the rest of the image almost immediately blew them out into what I can only describe as “bizzare-o land”. I actually had to selective desaturate the edges so that I could then gently bump up the saturation on the image as a whole (which it needed, IMHO, for impact). Not a whole lot of other processing was done. I did some sharpening and added the vignette, but that’s about it.


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