Aug 032010

I thought I was done shooting for the day (last Sunday) when I went to pick Mary up from the veterinary hospital at UT. However, as I was waiting for her to get her things together, I went wandering around the publicly accessible areas and stumbled on this hallway with two open doors.

Click for a larger view

This is an HDR image that I intentionally over processed to get some halo effects. To me, the halos and the black and white image combine to make the hallway look a little creepy; like an image you remember from a nightmare. I can only speak for myself, but there’s always been something about long hallways that just compels me to look all the way down them to see what’s at the other end. In this case, the curiosity about the hallway is added to by the fact there is another set of doors which means it goes on even further back.


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