Aug 022010

The Rock at UT

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As I mentioned yesterday, when I went out on my Just Shoot Something assignment, I parked near The Rock on UT’s campus. Having never gone to UT myself, I don’t really know the full story about it. Below is what the UT website has to say.

The Rock
Unearthed in the 1960s, the Rock probably soon thereafter became a “canvas” for student messages. For years the university sandblasted away the messages but eventually deferred to students’ artistic endeavors. The Daily Beacon has editorialized: “Originally a smaller rock, The Rock has grown in prestige and size while thousands of coats of paint have been thrown on its jagged face. Really, its function is as an open forum for students.”

This is an HDR image that I purposely over processed to get just a touch of that grunge look. It seemed rather appropriate given the subject matter. Now, to be perfectly honest, I don’t find this image all that compelling. I wish I could have captured someone actually painting on it but since I was there during the summer session and on a very hot and humid day, I was out of luck. I also didn’t spend time trying out other angles because after setting up and taking a few shots, I was ready to get out of the sun. Still, I like how you can make out the texture of the rock underneath the countless layers of paint. Once the students start returning for the fall semester, I might see if I can catch a more interesting scene.

Speaking of returning students, I’m also considering heading back to UT on the day they let the students move into the dorms. Last year, it was a mad house getting Mary moved in. This year, she’s moving into an apartment on campus the day before the dorms open. Depending on how hot it is and some other logistical considerations, I’m thinking about heading down there and doing some street photography of the move-in madness.


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