Mar 302012

I took ALL my camera gear and Katy to the gym with me today so I could workout both my body and my photography. It was supposed to be a large group lifting, but it ended up only being me and Josh. That actually worked out well because it took me a LOT longer than I expected to get the lighting I wanted for various shots. Anyway, the first shot is below. It’s definitely my favorite of the set. More to come over the next few days.

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Feb 292012

On New Year’s Day 2011, one of my resolutions was to work on self portraits. Since it’s now the last day of February 2012, I decided I should get to work on that. I cleaned off a wall in the study to use as a backdrop and went to work. Here’s the result.

The main flash is camera right with my small softbox on front. My background flash is in an umbrella which is laying on the floor mostly angled back to the wall. There is also a large reflector just out of sight on the left which is bouncing just enough light back to keep the dark side of my face from going totally black. Post-processing was actually fairly quick and easy. Yes, I did some touching up. Who wouldn’t? But the single biggest difference between this shot and what came out of the camera is the vignette.

I learned very quickly that it is very tedious walking back and forth to the camera to check the shots. I hope to get a tablet and an Eye-Fi card by the end of the year to make this sort of thing easier. If you haven’t heard of Eye-Fi cards, they are memory cards for your camera that have a built in wifi radio and can transmit photos directly to a tablet (or smartphone) running their software. It would sure be nice to have the camera remote in one hand and the tablet in the other and just glance down after each shot to see how I wanted to change my position. Guess I better start saving my pennies!

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Feb 102012

Here’s image number 5 from last Sunday’s photo shoot. This was actually a shot from the first location which was literally next to the parking lot we met in. There’s a short brick wall that Heather is sitting on and Josh is standing in front of it. We tried lots of different poses while we were all getting warmed up, but I liked this one the best. There’s one tiny little thing I’m not entirely crazy about, but I think I’ll just keep that to myself.

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