Sep 102012

I finally made some time to do some shooting last week. My family went with me down to the boardwalk and Mary graciously volunteered to be my model. I was so rusty working my camera and felt that way again tonight while I was editing this photo. I’m sure it will all come back if I can just find time to shoot more.

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May 102012

Here are the last two shots from last weekend’s photo shoot with Rachael. For this setup, we’ve moved over to the studio’s low-key area and Larry, the studio owner, has thrown an orange gel over the light illuminating the background.

In the final shot below, I’ve backed out a little bit so I can include the suitcase we gave her as a prop and the bench she was sitting on. There was actually a lot of post processing done on this shot because I wanted to bring out a lot of the detail in the suitcase and bench if for no other reason that I really like detail and texture in my shots. However, I wanted to make sure the lighting on Rachael stayed soft and flattering.

All in all, I had a really fun time in the studio. I’m hoping to be able to rent the space on my own sometime soon and have a little more creative control and try some edgier lighting techniques. I’m going to build a shot list of photos that I can refer to for inspiration and a starting point.

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May 092012

Here’s shot #3 from last weekend’s photo shoot with Rachael. Still on the white background but now we’ve got some yellow fabric hanging in front of it.

The color shifting on my monitors (which I’ve blogged about before) is driving me crazy. Neither of them will hold calibration for more than a few days (hours?). Depending on which monitor I move this photo to, it either looks fine or too warm. I have no idea how it looks to anyone else. At some point, I’m going to have to break down and get new monitors. I may have to do one a month or something like that, but I need to know that the colors are right, especially if I’m going to send something off to print.

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May 082012

I’m taking a quick break from work to post the next shot from last Saturday’s photo shoot with Rachael. She’s still in front of the white background used in the previous picture, but we’ve raised some colored fabrics on a pole about a foot in front of the background. For lighting, there’s a large umbrella camera left and a small softbox providing fill on camera right.

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May 062012

I recently discovered a photo studio here in Knoxville that not only has extremely affordable rental rates, but also frequently hosts events to help new photographers get their feet with with studio photography. One of those events was held today and I got to take turns shooting a University of Tennessee cheerleader! She was very nice and quite patient with all of us newbies. Here’s the first shot from my 5 picks.

I’ll post the others over the next couple of days. If any photographers in the Knoxville area are looking to rent studio space, check out TNPhotoShoots

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