Dec 032011

I had to take one of the cars in for routine service this morning so I decided to take my camera along and see if I could find something to shoot. I pretty much already knew anything worth shooting would be a macro shot so that’s what I looked for. I noticed they had these metal benches and tables that were coated in blue plastic. I took a few shots of the grid pattern just to get warmed up but the benches and tables themselves weren’t doing it for me. Then I found a couple of dandelions that hadn’t been blown apart by the breeze and decided to put them on the blue table. Everyone has to shoot dandelions as part of their macro learning experience, right?

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The white balance has been changed to fluorescent and I used Topaz Adjust 5 to punch up the details. I also used a Hue/Saturation layer in Photoshop to ever so slightly shift the blue towards purple. Just enough to give a hint.

My monitors are driving me crazy. My newer, slightly higher resolution monitor is all over the place in color balance and tends to turn smooth gradations into blotchy messes. If I slide the image over to my older monitor though, it looks fine. Anyway, I hope what I’m about to publish looks to everyone else like it looks on my older monitor because I’ll be laughed off the inter-tubes if it looks the other way.

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