Aug 182011

It has been too long since I’ve uploaded anything. There are many reasons (excuses?) but I’m going to try to overcome them and get back to taking photos and posting them somewhat regularly. To kick things off, here’s an abstract I shot in Asheville in early July.

Asheville Abstract

Lisa and I were wandering through the shops downtown and I found this display of colorful glass balls lit from behind by light coming in from a large window. I stopped and put on my 100mm macro lens and got very close to the one I liked the best. I focused as best I could, but there was a large fan blowing them around quite a bit. I was going for an abstract so the movement didn’t bother me, but I wanted to be in focus enough to see a hint of the lines that separated the various colors of glass. I’m pretty happy with it.

In other news, I very nearly had to abandon this blog. I’ve been trying for weeks to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress but it’s been giving me out of memory errors. It turns out that my hosting company, 1 and 1, locks down the amount of memory available to things like WordPress and I had to disable a BUNCH of stuff and temporarily switch to a much simpler theme before I could get the upgrade to install. Fortunately, replacing my normal theme and reactivating the plugins was almost entirely effortless and I’m now on the latest version.

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Apr 282011

Mother’s Day is fast approaching so I decided to come up with an image that I can have printed and give as a gift. I’ve had some success with shooting flowers so I decided I’d work with that but try something a little different. One of the most difficult parts of the whole thing was finding some roses in decent condition. I finally did find some, however, and then came home and turned the dining room into a temporary studio. Here’s the first shot.

I hung my roll of black felt from the top of the dining room windows and unrolled it enough to drape across the dining room table. Then I took a large piece of glass out of the entertainment center and set it on top of the felt for a reflection. I also used an eye dropper to strategically place a large puddle in front of my main subject, a yellow rose. That actually worked out fairly well in most of the shots I took, but in the shot above, I moved my flash (with my brand new soft box attached) from roughly 45 degrees camera right to just slightly camera left which seems to have eliminated most of the reflection. In the end, I chose this shot because I prefer the lighting on the rose so much more than the shots with the strong reflection.

Now for the next shot.

For this shot, I used all 3 of my extension tubes and my brand new Orbis Ring Flash. I used my 70-200 lens and started out with my smallest extension tube, took a few shots, added the medium extension tube, took a few shots, then finally added the large one before I felt like I was as close as I wanted to be. I lost count of how many shots I took before I finally felt like I had the right parts in focus combined with a good exposure.

I’d really like to get some feedback on which of these two shots should be used for Mother’s Day. Either leave a comment here or on Facebook or Twitter. If you do leave a comment here, please make sure you say who you are unless it’s really obvious by your WordPress account name. I get my share of spambots trying to get through and I’d hate to delete a real comment because I thought it was a bot.