Jul 172010

Time for a post on Android development. On impulse, I just picked up a copy of Teach Yourself Android Application Development at Barnes & Noble. I realize 2.2 is officially out now, but I figure coding for 2.1 will be a viable platform target for the foreseeable future. Part of me wants to dive into Chapter One right now, but I was at a photography seminar all day (more on that in another post) and my brain is just fried. Meeting my family for dinner at Wasabi Japanese Steak House for an enormous meal isn’t helping my energy level either. I think it will have to wait until tomorrow.

In other Android news, I picked up my first Android phone last Thursday. I now have a Droid X from Verizon. I got to the store about 30 minutes before they opened and I was somewhere between 12 and 15 behind the the first person. Fortunately, they had received 49 so I had no problem getting one. It looked like they had every sales person that worked at that store on duty that morning. Although they let the first 6 or 7 people in about 10 minutes before they officially opened, I was still impressed that my name was called less than 15 minutes after the official opening time. By the time my sales clerk was just about getting me all set up, I overheard the store manager walking around telling his people that there were only 14 out of the 49 phones left. I’m guessing they had sold out within the hour. That was at an official corporate store so I bet the resellers had even fewer phones. So far, other than a few minor things I haven’t liked about MotoBlur, I’ve been very happy with the phone.