Jul 142010

Back in late May/ early June, my family and I went on a cruise of the Western Caribbean. Photographically speaking, one of my goals was to get some sunrise and sunset shots. I have yet to find a good spot to shoot sunrises and sunsets around Knoxville so this was a part of photography I was really looking forward to trying out. And I shot a LOT of images. I mean a HUGE number of images. Part of that was because I was capturing 3 bracketed frames so I could try processing them as HDR. That didn’t end up working out as well as I’d hoped, though. I had four things going against me. The ship was moving, the water was moving, the clouds were moving, and I didn’t bring a tripod because it just wasn’t practical. (Technically, I brought a Gorillapod, but I have to say I was disappointed with it and didn’t use it.)

Of the hundreds of images I shot, I did get a few I was happy with. The shot below is one that actually came out fairly nicely with HDR processing and is included in my Skyscapes gallery. One thing I discovered about these types of pictures is that after working on one or two, they all start to look the same to me. I had to come back to them after a few days to pick out others to work with.

Check out the gallery to see the other ones I’ve finished processing so far. Hopefully I’ll eventually stumble on a local spot with a good view of the horizon so I don’t have to take another cruise to shoot more of these.

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