Jan 302011

During the afternoons on sunny days, you can frequently find one or more of our many pets sunning themselves in the beam of light that comes in through one of the master bedroom windows. Today was no exception and my oldest daughter’s cat, Sammie, was all stretched out and relaxed. I only had time for four shots because I had to pick up the aforementioned daughter from work and one of the dogs couldn’t quite understand why I wasn’t paying attention to her while I was down on the floor. Of the four, I’m pretty happy with one and reasonably happy with another. First the one I’m pretty happy with.

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In this second shot, she is just starting to yawn. I wish I could have captured it a little farther in, but I’m sure my daughter will still like it.

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Nov 222010

This is the other photo I was happy with from my last trip to the gardens. While admittedly not as compelling as the bee shot I posted yesterday, I still like it.

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Oct 252010

A few weeks ago I went to a local cemetery for a photo walk. I have several shots I will eventually post, but I wanted to post the last photo I took first. I call it Payne and Patterson. I took it literally with my back against the wall of the little office building that sits at the front of the cemetery.

If I was a member of the Payne family and came to visit my relatives’ graves, I’d be extremely upset that the marker my fore-bearers probably paid a LOT of money for was being used as a back rest for a couple of port-a-potties. Not cool in my not-so-humble opinion.

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Sep 272010

A couple of days ago I posted a picture of a woman next to a fall display. I mentioned that I had originally assumed she was sketching the scene and had an idea of how I wanted the final image to be only to have the illusion shattered by the discovery that what I thought was a sketchpad was actually an iPad. Below is an image that kind of shows what I had in mind.

This particular Photoshop filter removed a bit too much of the color for my taste and I probably would have experimented more with it but I think it generally conveys the idea of what I was going for.

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Sep 062010

Okay, so I fell off the “daily post” wagon pretty quickly, huh? For some inexplicable reason, I just ran into this giant desert of photo mojo. My original plan was to substitute posts about learning to program for Android during these spells, but there’s no mojo there, either. Many of my evenings the past few weeks have been spent (some might say wasted) on watching TV. Fortunately, I think this dry spell is about to come to an end. Hopefully, I’ll get the ball rolling with this blog again in a few days.

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